Weekly News – 25th September

First of all I would like to wish AUDREY PENDER best of luck in her first ever sprint Tri happening this weekend in port beach! Can’t wait to hear how you get on

Also happening this weekend is the Berlin marathon in which we have the following athletes competing: LISA HOWLEY and DARREN CULLEN! Best of luck guys hope you both do great 😀

Nutritional talk
As you know on Monday just gone we had organised for a nutrition talk after training with Petra Fulham 🙂 it was definitely worth while attending 🙂 as I defo picked up some tips I’m gonna try out 🙂 plus we got to try out Petra’s homemade treats which she calls “Mighty Bites” when these were being passed around there was a lot Mmmmm sounds being made LOL! I have attached a copy of the handout that Petra gave to us which has some great recepie ideas :). Please remember if you are trying anything new to incorporate it into your training plan and not to be trying something new on race days 🙂

KAC charity event – Run a mile for children running for their lives
Our ‘Run a mile…’ event is going ahead on the 10th October at the track, 12.00-2.00pm. We will need plenty of volunteers on the day to help make it a success. If you are free to help set up in advance, steward/marshal during the event, and/or help tidy up after it please email/text/speak with Darragh Page. We will need helpers from 11.30 am, and hope to have everything wrapped up promptly after 2 pm. We need as many people as possible to help out, but everyone should be able to fit in a run, too.

Following a suggestion from one of our club members, the committee has agreed that the club will hire the track for 2 hours on Saturday,10 October, between 12.00 – 2.00 pm, to host a ‘run a mile…’ charity event. During this time the track will be available for everybody – runners and non-runners – to come along, ‘run (or walk) a mile’, and make a financial contribution (suggested donation – adults €10; children €any) to aid the most vulnerable of refugees. Participants can race it, run it, jog it, or walk it, and can even cut it short if a mile is too much of a challenge. It will be open to all ages, and every cent raised will go to UNICEF’s children’s refugee fund. Please jot this in your diary, make a special effort to come along on the day and ‘run your mile’, and please advertise this event as widely as possible among your family, friends and neighbours, and athletes in other clubs – it is open to all. Track rules determine that appropriate running shoes and loose clothing must be worn. Note that we have to free up the track by 2.00pm, so 1.45pm is the latest possible time for entry. If on Facebook please post a message on the forum if you are interested in taking part…

Next week’s sessions are as follows:

Endurance/XC Group
Monday 27th September- Track
3 x 1000m easy pace

Wesnesday 29th – Meet at shoreline 7pm
Road run 30 – 45mins easy pace 🙂

Marathon & BQ Group!
Monday 12th Oct – Track Session
5x1600m with 1min recovery inbetween

Wednesday 14th – Meet at Track @7pm
50 mins road run at 70% MHR

Upcoming Events
Moone Kilomarathon – Saturday 26th September
There are 2 distances to choose from at this event 26.2KM and 10KM. Please see flyer attached for more detail and also link below if you wish to register


Stride & Ride Newcastle Fun Duathlon – Saturday 26th September
This is a local event so nice and handy to get to! The duathlon entails a 3.5Km run, followed by a 20km cycle and another 3.5km after. Please see flyer attached for more details if you are interested

Spirit Twilight Team challenge – Thursday 1st Octoberr
This is a 5KM event held in Sandyford business disctrict. Please see attached fyler for more detail and also link below if you wish to register


XC Dates
Sunday 4th October – Wicklow Novice & Even Ages – U8 – 200m U10 – 1000m U12 2000m U14 3000m U16 4000m – all boys and girls U18 girls 4km – 4km Women 6km Men – hosted by Parnell AC in Avondale

Sunday 11th October – Wicklow Intermediate & Uneven Ages – U7 – 200m U9 – 600m U11 – 1500m U13 – 2500m U15 3500m U17 4000m – hosted by Roundwood AC – exact location TBC

Sunday 18th October – Autumn Open Cross Country (formerly know as the Gerry Farnan) – location TBC! – Una would like us to enter a team into this

Sunday 25th October – Leinster Even Age, Novice & Master Cross Country – Avondale is a potential venue but this is to be formally confirmed

Sunday 8th November – Leinster Uneven Age & Intermediate Cross Country – location tbc

Saturday 14th November – British & Irish Masters XC – Dublin

Sunday 22nd November – Inter Clubs & Juvenile Even Age XC – location TBC – Fionnuala would like us to enter a team into this

Sunday 6th December – National Novice & Juvenile Uneven Age XC – location TBC

Sunday 13th December – Wicklow Senior XC – Avondale – 5km Women 10km Men

Sunday 3rd January 2016 – Wicklow Masters XC – Ashford – 4km Women 6km Men

Saturday 9th January 2016 – Glohealth 4km & Juvenile B Cross Country – location TBC

Juvenile League
There will be three rounds of the Juvenile League held between September and December and medals will be presented to those athletes who take part in TWO of the three events

Round 1 – Friday 11th September – Greystones (this is a change from the original venue as Inbhear Dee declared the original site at the Murrough to be unfit for the event)

Round 2 – Friday 20th November – Parnell AC

Round 3 – Friday 11th December – Bray Runners AC

Good Nutrition for Recreational Sport