Weekly News – 5th November

Hope you are all having a good week 🙂 First thing I have to say this week is apologise to Sandra Lynch AKA our national gold medal winner as in last week’s newsletter I gave the wrong result for her marathon time, I gave the gun time instead of chip time so Sandra’s correct finish time was 03:05:39 🙂 congrats again Sandra :).

Training Sessions

Next Monday & Wednesday Training Sessions:
Next week’s sessions are as follows:

Endurance/XC Group
Monday 09th November – Track Session
200m, 400m, 800m, 1200m, 800m, 400m, 200m with recoveries in between and repeats

Wednesday 11th November – Road meet at Shoreline Swimming pool @7pm
600m hard with 250m jog in charlesland loop

Marathon Group – Post Easy Marathon recovery Sessions
Monday 09th November – Meet at Track
Easy pedestrian pace LOL recovery run, we can decide depending on numbers if we stay on track or go on the road J

Wednesday 11th November – Road meet at Shoreline Swimming pool @7pm
Easy Road Run


NYC Marathon 01st NovemberGlendalough Trail Run 31st October
Last Saturday we had 3 of our athletes run in the Glendalough Trail run which is 15.5km. All said it was a tough challenging course but with beautiful setting along the way. The day itself was amazingly mild and dry conditions. They would highly recommend it for next year as it was very well organised and a very friendly vibe J In total there was about 300+ participants Andy Hayes came 5th overall J well done Andy great job. Lisa Crossingham came out of retirement and did a super time of 01:43:00 ( I think she must have been doing some secret training J LOL) and our newbie Andrew Hanney also did a super time of 01:31:58 – awesome running Andrew!

Upcoming Events

Remembrance Run
The remembrance Run is happening on the Sunday the 8th of November in the Phoenix park. Distance is 5km. Please see below link to register or for more details