Weekly News – 1st October

First off I would to wish everyone taking part in the Athlone ¾ marathon the best of luck for this Sunday. It’s a hilly one, but great prep for DCM and I also hear they put on a great spread once you get though the finish line – that though will hopefully keep you going to the finish!!

KAC charity event – Run a mile for children running for their lives
Following a suggestion from one of our club members, the committee has agreed that the club will hire the track for 2 hours on Saturday,10 October, between 12.00 – 2.00 pm, to host a ‘run a mile…’ charity event. During this time the track will be available for everybody – runners and non-runners – to come along, ‘run (or walk) a mile’, and make a financial contribution (suggested donation – adults €10; children €any) to aid the most vulnerable of refugees. Participants can race it, run it, jog it, or walk it, and can even cut it short if a mile is too much of a challenge. It will be open to all ages, and every cent raised will go to UNICEF’s children’s refugee fund. Please jot this in your diary, make a special effort to come along on the day and ‘run your mile’, and please advertise this event as widely as possible among your family, friends and neighbours, and athletes in other clubs – it is open to all. Track rules determine that appropriate running shoes and loose clothing must be worn. Note that we have to free up the track by 2.00pm, so 1.45pm is the latest possible time for entry. If on Facebook please post a message on the forum if you are interested in taking part…

Next week’s sessions are as follows:

Endurance/XC Group
Monday 05th Oct – Meet at shoreline Swimming Pool @7pm
60mins Road Run

Wednesday 07th – Track Session
6/8 x800m with recoveries inbetween

Marathon & BQ Group – only 58 Days to go!!
Monday 05th Oct – Meet at Track @ 7pm
Hills 10 x 400 up and down (8km)

Wednesday 07th – Meet at Track @7pm
60 mins road run at 70% MHR


Pulse Port Beach Triathlon Saturday 26th September
Last weekend we had 3 athletes take part in this event. The triathlon entails a 750m swim, 20km cycle and a 5km run, the event is also a national sprint championships.
Well done to Audrey Pender who completed the course in 1:49 (Audrey felt the swim wasn’t long enough and decided to do an extra 350m LOL ) Great time Audrey J Also well done to Sinead Cummins who finished in 1:38. And a massive well done to Conor Vebruggen who did a fantastic time of 1:03 and came 2nd – Awesome Stuff Conor!

Upcoming Events

Wicklow Novice Cross Country – Sunday 4th October
This Sunday 4th October, Avondale Forest Park, Rathdrum, 4km ladies 6km men. Meet at track building at 10.45am for carpooling or meet there at 11.30am. Park at the house. The course is at the lower end of the grounds approximately 10 min walk. The club will register you that morning and also pay for your entry fee. Any queries please give Susan a shout

If you are wearing spikes at the XC please try to do some practice in them before Sunday so you are used to them. Best of Luck to everyone competing in the Wicklow Novice XC this weekend, it is your time to shine.