Our Logo

The goose in the KAC logo looks very much like a rendition of a Brent Goose, as the well defined demarcation between the head &neck colour and that of the body would indicate.

Brent Geese are a genetically diverse bird. Distinct populations breed right across the Arctic &spend the winter in the lower latitudes of Europe &North America. The Brent Geese found at Kilcoole are of the East Canadian High Arctic Light-bellied Brent Goose(Branta bernicla hrota)population. These birds breed as far north as any species on Earth in areas such as northern Ellesmere Island and are also one of the few species which undergo regular trans-Atlantic migrations. Up to 45,000 Light-bellied Brent Geese travel to Ireland every winter to feed in our rich estuaries &grasslands. The coastal marshes at Kilcoole alone support internationally important numbers where they can be found between October &April, peaking at about 1,000 birds in March.

Greylag Geese can also be found along the Kilcoole marshes but they do not have the neck demarcation as mentioned above.